A Note From UQ:

UQ have asked that this site be temporarily taken down.

As this service by its nature passes through authentication to UQ (which I've always been upfront about - see below), there are some security implications. As UQ has not completed an audit of this site or given official permission, they have asked that the site become unavailable until this is done. Please note there has been no security leak of any details whatsoever (I don't store passwords, only an irreversible hash).

I am currently working with UQ to determine how to provide this service within their policies. Given that it can be built as a docker container, it should be trivial for UQ to deploy and run themselves if so desired.

The note from the author that was previously here:

This service requires your UQ username and password as it simulates a web-browsing session to the SiNet timetable page to get your timetable data. Ultimately, you have to trust that I am honest, handle your password correctly, and that I won't keep a copy of it, pretend to be you, and change your degree to agricultural science / arts / engineering (pick your least favourite).

I do, however, use this site myself, so I have a vested interest in maintaining good security.

Technical guarantees:

  • Encryption is the same technical standard as your bank.
  • I do not and will never store your password in any format that is reversible.
    (i.e. I use a salted hash function with a random salt using the SHA-1 algorithm.)